Guidelines for Speakers at IIE Asian Conference 2013

1. Speakers are NOT required to upload or send their presentation to conference organizers before the conference dates. Please bring your presentation with you and go to the session room to load (from CD or USB drive) your presentation before the session starts.

2. Computer and LCD projector will be provided for presentations at the conference.

3. The allotted time for each presentation is 15 minutes including Q&A.

4. The preferred presentation format is PowerPoint.

5. To ensure a smooth presentation:

  • Arrive at your session at least 10 minutes before the session starts to load the presentation.
  • Limit your presentation to key issues with a brief summary.
  • Time your presentation to fit within the designated time span, leaving time for audience questions.
  • You can bring copies of your paper or other handouts to distribute to interested audience members or have them contact you directly after the conference for additional information.