Registration Fees

  1. Special Rate for Early Registration by May 18, 2013:
    • Full Registration: NTD $10,000 (About USD$334)
    • Full Registration (Taiwan Scholars/Experts): NTD$6,500 (About USD$217)
    • Student Registration: NTD$4500 (About USD$150)
  2. Regular Rate after May 18, 2013:
    • Full Registration: NTD$12,000 (About USD$400)
    • Full Registration (Taiwan Scholars/Experts): NTD $8,000 (About USD$267)
    • Student Registration: NTD$6000 (About USD$200)
  3. Conference Banquet Ticket: NTD$2000(About USD$67)


  • Full registration fees for authors/delegates include a copy of conference proceedings, reception dinner, lunches, coffee breaks, and conference banquet.
  • Student registration includes a copy of conference proceedings, reception dinner, lunches, and coffee breaks only (conference banquet is NOT included). However, optional conference banquet tickets are available for registered students.
  • Each paper must have at least one registration and each registration can cover the presentation and publication of two papers. Thus, one registrant can pay for multiple registrations to cover more than two papers. The number of registrations and papers are not limited for each registrant.
  • The conference is under the sponsorship of the National Science Council in Taiwan and allows a discount for Taiwan scholars/experts on registration fees.


  1. 2013年5月18日前註冊費用:
    • 全額註冊費      新台幣10,000元整(約折合美金334元)
    • 台灣學者全額註冊費  新台幣6,500元整(約折合美金217元)
    • 學生註冊費      新台幣4,500元整(約折合美金150元)
  2. 2013年5月18日後註冊費用:
    • 全額註冊費      新台幣12,000元整(約折合美金400元)
    • 台灣學者全額註冊費  新台幣8,000元整(約折合美金267元)
    • 學生註冊費      新台幣6,000元整(約折合美金200元)
  3. 大會晚宴餐卷         新台幣2,000元整(約折合美金67元)


  • 全額註冊費包含1份會議資料、會議期間午餐、歡迎晚宴、咖啡、飲料、點心以及大會晚宴費用。
  • 學生註冊費包含1份會議資料、會議期間午餐、歡迎晚宴、咖啡、飲料、點心但不含大會晚宴費用。註冊學生可另外購買大會晚宴餐卷。
  • 每篇會議論文的發表與出版至少需要繳交一筆註冊費,但每筆註冊費可發表/出版兩篇論文。因此一位註冊者可繳交多筆註冊費來支付超過兩篇論文後的費用。每一位註冊者可繳交的註冊費筆數與所支付的論文數量則不限。
  • 國科會補助本研討會部分費用,故台灣學者之註冊費予以酌減。

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